Dan’s Story

As our Congressman, Dan Burton has a proven record of conservative leadership.  Long before it was popular to call yourself a Conservative, Dan Burton fought for a strong national defense, lower taxes, smaller government and the rights of the unborn.  It's this tenacious attitude that has led some to call him a "bulldog."

People often ask him, what is it that gives him the strength to continue to fight for what he believes in no matter the opposition. For Dan, that character was forged in a childhood filled with grief and tragedy:

“When I was a little boy, my father would beat my mother and me all the time. More than once, I thought he had killed her. I remember being sound asleep and waking up to her blood curdling screams as he beat her over and over again.

Lots of times my father would turn his rage against me. My only rescue was my mother—my tiny angel. Dad would start beating on me, sometimes with a policeman’s belt buckle, and my mother would step between us. She’d take the blows that were meant for me.

One day my mother gathered up my brother, my sister, and me and we fled to my grandmother’s house. It wasn’t long before my dad found out where we were hiding. He kicked the door-in, with a shotgun in his hand. I’ll never forget what he said to my mother. ‘I’m going to kill you.’ When she wouldn’t get up to leave with him, he picked her up and carried her out the front door.

Thankfully, my mother escaped three days later. My father ended up in prison, and we rarely heard from him again. My mother went on to live a happy life with her new husband, Ken.

In the face of pain and adversity, I learned strength, compassion, and courage from my mother. And it is those childhood lessons that make me the leader I am today.”

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