The Facts

During the hearings that looked into President Clinton's campaign finance abuses in the 1990's, the Clinton's led a massive smear campaign against Dan Burton, investigating him personally and professionally. Although the Janet Reno-led Justice Department was never able to find any evidence of impropriety (despite three years of trying), their liberal allies still spread false and misleading rumors about Dan.

This page is dedicated to THE FACTS about Dan Burton and about the destructive lies that have been spread by political opponents and hostile media.

Attack:  Dan Burton has a poor attendance record. 

The FACTS:   Dan Burton has an excellent record attending to the duties of his office.  His lifelong attendance record (94.89%, present for 15,437 of 16,267 votes) is over average of Congress despite taking significant time off during his late wife's illness and death in 2001 and 2002.  In 2007, his attendance was the highest of the Indiana delegation (97.8%). 

Most of these misrepresentations have come as a result of a single incident in 2007 when Dan Burton was participating in a golf outing fundraiser for cancer research.  When Speaker Nancy Pelosi unexpectedly scheduled votes, Dan missed them.  He later apologized for not rushing back to DC to make those roll calls.

Attack:  Dan Burton has wasted taxpayer money by traveling unnecessarily on the taxpayer dime.

The FACTS:  As a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Dan Burton has traveled to a number of countries to discuss matters of state with foreign leaders.  In addition, he's also led economic delegations to South America along with Indiana Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman.  Every trip was an official Congressional Delegation for a specific purposed.

To read more about the trip with LG Skillman, see her analysis of the benefits of the trip here.

Attack:  Dan Burton does not support Ethics Reform

The FACTS:   This myth has arisen out of Dan Burton's opposition to Title II of the 2007 House Ethics Legislation.  This legislation created confusing, unenforcebale rules for Congressional staff and allowed for multiple loopholes.  The bill did nothing to make Congress more "ethical", it just made Congress look ridiculous. Consider:

  • Regarding free meals, Members of Congress and staff can still eat dinner paid for by lobbyists, as long as they are not sitting down and not using a fork.
  • If Members of Congress plan on attending a reception with live music, they will have to pay for the cost of their ticket, unless the music group is deemed “unpopular” by the Ethics Committee.
  • As for the so-called gift ban, gifts valued at $50 or under are not banned, and if the giver is a “close, personal friend” the dollar value can be much higher. Guess how many people on the Hill have lobbyists that are “close, personal friends”? All of them. Why? In many cases, Members of Congress and staff will live, work, and possibly date or marry people who eventually get hired to do government relations, or “lobby.” (Speaking of marriage, women were advised by the Ethics Committee to say “yes” before placing an engagement ring on their finger, or risk violating the ethics rules.) The laughable list, sadly, goes on. 

Congressman Burton has always supported common sense ethics reform- full and complete reporting via the Congressman's website.  Visit this page for a full explanation.