Support From Your Neighbors

Submitted by C. Steven Gohmann, Indianapolis
Dan's voting record is the model we should hope all representatives follow.  His values are our values.  And when I express my opinion or request information, I know I can count on Dan Burton to address my issues of concern and represent me in the way I want to be represented..

Submitted by Brady Miller, North Manchester

Mr.Burton I support you and your beliefs on the 2nd Amendment and health care and mostly all other things.

Submitted by Evan Norris, Greenwood
Dan Burton is a man with a plan. He's doing great things for the people of Johnson County. Elect Dan in 2010!

Submitted by Ryan Barkdull, Indianapolis
History is being made everyday. Our Founding Principles are under attack. In order for us to take back our country from progressive liberals, we need to know who we are sending to Washington. We need to know that the members of Congress are truly looking out for our country and protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  John Adams said it best when he wrote, "A constitution of government, once changed from freedom, can never be restored; liberty, once lost, is lost forever."  Dan Burton will hold conservative values that is deperately needed in Washington. You have my unbridled support!!

Submitted by R. Bruce Henzman, Franklin
I fought with immigration service for 2 years attempting to get my spouse to the U.S.
This was right after 9-11. I spent thousands of dollars and was getting nowhere! I contacted Dan's staff and within 90 days my wife and I were united.....I am also very impressed with his efforts to help our men in arms...such as the Navy Seals ...This could be your son being persecuted by an over zealous , liberal agenda...Dan stands for Americans..Thanks for all you do. Roy

Submitted by Joseph Guy, Shelbyville
I am a county politician and I know how politics works and without strong leaders we cannot win our country back. I believe Dan Burton is the right man for the job and he will lead our country back to it's roots of conservativeness.

Submitted by Ronnie Yeary, Indianapolis
Congressman Burton is the only member of Congress who has ever made a personal phone call to me. What a humbling experience it was to hear his voice on my phone recorder.
Your voice of concern over my issues on limited government, your staunch advocacy on the protection of our Constitutional rights, will never be forgotten.
Statesmen like you are virtually nonexistent in Washington. I'm not a supporter for the election, I'm one for life.

Submitted by Jim Pedigo, Sheridan
Dan has always voted the way I wanted him to, he supports the 2nd Amendment and that is very important to me. He is also for smaller government and less intrusion into our lives.

Submitted by Stephen Goddard, Fishers
Dan,be advised that you have the support of me and my immediate family .  Your dedication to core conservative republican principles is sorely lacking in congress and we need to keep you Washington for another successful term . 

Submitted by Debra Denney, Indianapolis
You are awesome and I consider myself lucky to be able to vote for you!

Submitted by Larry Pyatt, Carmel
Dan is the congressman that I trust the most.  His view and his votes are consistant with my views and the views our forefathers had when this country was started.

Submitted by Scott and Lori Spitzer, Woodbridge, VA
My sister and I would like to commit our support for you and your campaign. We truly believe during these troubling times and economic instability, that having you fighting for us in Washington, would be a great thing! We both grew up in Owensboro and we would like to display our support for you on our family mini-van as we canvas across the mid-Atlantic as we travel with our family owned business.

Thank you so much for your time and good luck on the campaign trail. May God bless you and your campaign for the working people of this great nation.

Submitted by Matthew Noll, Fishers
I support your pledge to beat back big government. Limited government and low taxes are very important to me.

Submitted by Angela Humphrey, Mitchell
Dan, you're the man!  I agree with your position on all your stated issues.  I also completely agree with you on the Navy Seals court marshal and have posted a link to the petition on my FB page and shared it on several dicussion boards (i.e. Sara Palin's) and invited all my Indiana contacts to read about and support you.  Keep up the excellent work.  You are an upstanding man to be admired.  Too bad we don't have more like you!

Submitted by Micah Stephenson, Indianapolis
Dan, keep up the fight!

Submitted by Gregory Grimes, Greenfield
I've lived and voted in Greenfield, IN since 1982. Dan Burton has always voted to protect the United States CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS.  We need a representative like Dan Burton who remembers what this nation is about and will protect its citizens (regardless of age or health) and its borders.

Submitted by R. Bruce Henzman, Franklin
Keep up the good fight…We’re with you all the way…thanks for all you do for Indiana and America.  Thanks again for fighting for our Navy SEALs, again I support you as do all of the people I have talked with about this travesty.  I have recruited about 20 or more people to send emails on behalf of these fine young men….God Bless.

Submitted by Matthew K. Foster, Greenwood
I live close to your brother and know the family.  In regards to the support of you and your issues, I am on board.  I have seen and heard you for years and most recently I agree with your take and energy on Indiana issue and understand the fight.

Submitted by Cecil Luckey, Cincinnati
I have been searching for constitutional conservatives to support in the 2010 election. I'm pleased to add you to the list of patriots who can take back america.

Submitted by Michael Maylen, Westfield
I believe that it is important now more than ever for the Republicans to unite and to stand firmly together behind our elected representatives to help secure a takeover of the house and the Senate.  In the past Dan Burton mades some mistakes but from the looks of things he has learned a lesson and now is a solid conservative Republican who has the best chance of defeating any democrat. 

Submitted by Myles Minton, Carmel
Please stop this Health Care overhaul.  Adding amendments to include insurance or health care for those you can't get it or afford it is perfectly fine, but please no 1,200 page overhaul that trashes the good with the bad, taxes everyone to death, and continues the redistribution of wealth that Emmanuel/Obama are all about.  Please.  They are bankrupting this great country.

Submitted by Blake Babbitt, Fishers
I will try to put up a sign in my parent's front yard and tell many people to vote for Dan Burton.

Submitted by Cliff Weiler, Noblesville
I just wanted to commend your decision to support H. Res. 175, “Condemning the Government of Iran for its state-sponsored persecution of its Baha’i minority and its continued violation of the International Covenants on Human Rights.”.

This strong statement of concern for the well-being of our brothers and sisters in the Cradle of the Faith and of contempt for the manifestly unjust treatment being meted out to them by the Iranian government is certain to be a great solace to them in this hour of uncertainty and anxiety.

I believe these horrendous actions of the Iranian government against the Baha'is is just a segment of the cruelty and oppression with which they rule over their countrymen. Although Baha'is receive the worst of the injustice, as we've seen when the fraudulent presidential elections were met with protests, the government will not hesitate to silence (kill) anyone who disapproves of their obvious abuse of power and control.

I am in complete support of our government standing up ,condemning and calling the rest of the world's attention to the Iranian government's egregious actions against their people.

Submitted by Cheryl Billingsly, DDS Richmond
We wish you the best and owe you our gratitude for your fight against mercury!

Submitted by Billie Sumner, Indianapolis
I think we have the best representative in the State of Indiana.  I am wondering how Dan Burton's office could help tea party volunteers in taking action to rid the State of Indiana of Representatives like Andre Carson, Baron Hill and others who have sold Indiana down the road.  I am going to make an appointment to meet with Dan Burton's office to get some suggestions.

Submitted by Kenton B. Barlow, Muncie

I am a disabled veteran who believes in the original intent of the framers of the U.S. Constitution and hold it near and dear to my heart under the Holy Bible. Dan Burton holds these same views and puts his country before himself. I whole-heartedly believe that we need more people like Dan Burton in office and will do my best to support more people like him.

Submitted by Jim Morgan, Indianapolis
Congressman Burton, I once again wanted to thank you for sharing your personal story to my sales team last fall. There was no one there who wasn't moved, you made a lot of fans, even by staunch democrats who will be voting for you from now on.
In this coming election it is critical that we win back the Indiana State House, and the U.S. Congress. I am so frustrated with quality republicans who have such a lack of understanding that they are challenging you in the primary burning through valuable GOP resources that can much better be used in those two above goals. I am behind you 100%

Submitted by Perry Hovermale, Fort Wayne
Congressman Burton, I've met you a few times in public forums, but I would like to personally extend my support for your work in this Nation. I appreciate what you do. The GOP needs men like you.

Submitted by Sean Shepard, Indianapolis
Thank you for your continued support of HR 25, The Fairtax Act..

Submitted by Brian Strong, Greenwood
Dan Burton is the kind of man this country needs! This country needs a dose of social and fiscal responsibility and I believe that Dan Burton will lead us in that direction.

Submitted by John Zoller, Indianapolis
As government continues to increase in size the opportunities for corruption become greater and greater.  The bailout Dan Burton rightfully opposed will provide an even greater incentive to sway federal bureaucrats as they will control $700 billion dollars with no market restraints.  If you don't think this is a problem, look at the influence on Congress to shape the destructive policies of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that precipitated this mess.  We are facing the greatest financial crisis of our lifetime and we need brave leadership from people like Dan Burton to look out for our real best interests by limiting the power of the government to interfere in our lives.

Submitted by Will Jarrett, Westfield
Dan Burton stands for the values that best represent me.  I'm proud to support his pro-family policies.  Thanks for taking a stand for us in Washington!

Submitted by Matt Carrico, Fishers:
I am a huge fan of your views and of your family! I not only have spoken with your daughter, but have a major interest in autism and think it is great how many functions you and your campaign support for the cause, and Christian is a hero to us all! I am also an avid hunter and sport trap shooter and would love to keep my rights to bear arms!

Thanks for being there and standing up to these opposing views that not only threaten our abilities to enjoy freedoms, but to more importantly protect ourselves from those who will always have illegal firearms! Thanks Dan and to all of those who help him in the background!!!

Submitted by Elsie June Richards, Indianapolis:
I have known you since you were a little boy. Your mother's maiden name was Bonnie Hardesty. You lived on Oliver Ave. We lived across the alley on Chase St. My last name was McCombs. Your uncle Norman was my brother Carl's best friend. They were friends to the end. Norman died before Carl. I know what kind of life you had, and am so proud of the way you have got to where you are. I have voted for you ever since you have run for office. You are a fine young man. Keep up the good work.

Submitted by Peter Chukwuocha, Indianapolis:
I support your stand against amnesty for those who illegally cross the boarder.

Submitted by Roxanna Miller:
I just came across this web site and am so excited that you are for ENFORCING OUR LAWS, securing our borders and no amnesty. The AMERICAN CITIZENS need a fighter to combat this invasion of American soil, resources and dollars. Thank You for having a backbone. I just wish I was rich and not in the below poverty class, in order to send you all the monies you needed for your campaign. AGAIN, THANK YOU SO MUCH DAN.

Submitted by Chaille Fields:
I want to thank you for taking my Christmas Cards to Washington.. You have no idea how much this means to me.. If I had known they would get there, I would have sent more "kid" cards.. I was able to send over 100-150 to 2 soldiers from Indiana that are in Iraq.. Again, thank you, so much..

Chaille Fields,
Proud Army Mom

Submitted by Raymond Bolafka, Noblesville:
I am Ret. USMC and a veteran of Korea and Vietnam. I had problems with champus paying the hospital bills. Congressman Dan Burton helped me. And as far as I am concerned he should be re-elected. He is a leader who helps the people and has their best interest at heart.

Semper Fi
Raymond Bolafka

Submitted by Katrina Hoffman, Indianapolis:
You have my full support on this matter (immigration).  I too am tired of those who break the law and get rewarded.

Thanks, and God Bless YOU DAN!"

Submitted by Robert Boucher, Greentown:
My name is Bob Boucher. I am a Vet in your area that you have helped. You helped me with some big problems I was having with the VA. The t-shirt says it all, but I will say it anyway.

Thank you so very much for all you have done in the past and all that you are doing now and all that you will probably have to do in the future. As you can probably guess, you will always have my vote for any office you want to run for.

I also have a big yard. You can put signs in. You will be the only one ever in my yard or on my back. Thanks again for all your help. Congressman Burton, I hope you enjoy my shirt that I will wear every time I go to the VA.

I will always support you.

Submitted by Christopher John Zacny, Highland:
I fully support Congressman Burton's campaign. Finally, someone has had the guts to stand up and fight illegal immigration. Thanks for standing up for the American people!

Submitted by Sharon Lofland, Huntington:
I support the issues you support. I had a hard time selecting what most concerns me on the prior list.

Right now I am very concerned about the latest proposal of have illegals serve 2 years in our military or attend college for 2 years so that they and all of their family can become US citizens.

Submitted by Jim Atterholt, Indianapolis:
Dan grew up under very difficult circumstances and had to fight hard to achieve many of the things most people take for granted. His background has served the Congressional District welI. A few years back, I had the privilege of working for Dan both in DC and in Indiana. I have seen Dan fight for the people he serves both individually and collectively. Dan has been a tireless advocate for the people of Indiana. As a constituent of this district, I believe we have been well served.

Submitted by Michael Smith, Northeast Regional Director for the Foundation for Autism Information and Research:
We appreciate his leadership more than he will ever know.

Submitted by Chad J. Rohlfsen D.C. of Rohlfsen Family Chiropractic, P.C.:
He's a Champion and a Warrior and I wish Iowa had him!  You are very fortunate in Indiana to have him.  Keep on keeping on!

Submitted by Beth Boswell, Indianapolis:
Hey, All I know is that I called his office, and some people did their magic, and I got my passport in time for my trip.

Submitted by Dick Wilson, Indianapolis:
In this time of the 'politics of personal destruction' it's good to have at least one Representative in the Congress who thinks about the next generations and not just the next election. The Star and the rest of the liberal media may want to make it seem that our conservative voice and values are no longer relevant. Thank God there are still men like Dan Burton to prove them wrong. I, for one, will stand by our Dan!

Submitted by William St. Amour, Winter Springs, FL:
I too, am a grandfather of an autistic child. I want to thank you for your tireless efforts in helping to combat this terrible illness.

It is important that our national leaders truly understand what families who have an autistic child are up against. Your letter to NBC is right on the mark.

Our son and daughter inlaw, in the Atlanta area, are truly committed to making him well, and are living a 24/7 marathon in caring for their son.

Funding must be made available to aid in research to find the cause and cure for this plague.

Your efforts on behalf of the autistic community are greatly appreciated.

Submitted by Jim Kirby, Newport Beach, CA
I fully support Dan Burton and his position on the 3 Navy SEALs.  Keep up the good fight.

Submitted by Peter Kane, New Braunfels, TX
I support the effort being undertaken by Rep Burton and his efforts to clear the Navy SEALs of wrongdoing. This should not be happening!  Get these brave men cleared of all charges now!
MSG Peter Kane
US Army

Submitted by Ruth Blair, Ephrata
Thank you for your willingness to stand up for what is right and good! I think too many politicians out there today only care about their own agendas and not what is good for the people of this nation.  If I lived in your area you would get my vote and I would proudly stand behind you.  Thank you again for what you are doing for our military members.

Submitted by Melanie Wochnick, Milwaukie
Hang in there Dan, there are many Americans fighting for you as you have been doing for us.

Submitted by Barry Koser, Lancaster, PA
I support Dan Burton because he is a “common sense” kind of guy.  He STANDS UP to his principles even when he is challenged mightly by the majority.  I HONOR you Dan Burton, stick to your convictions and God bless you and all your family.  May God bless all of the UNITED STATES.

Submitted by Rick Blair, Denver
From what I have seen of Dan Burton regarding the issues that concern me the most and on issues that are related to the citizens of this great country I would be proud to support him.  If all politicians would, like Dan, put the people of this country as their top priority then we would not be seeing the immense deficits that we currently have, we would not worry so much about what other countries thing of us for doing what is good and right, and in short would be better off fiscally and economically.

We need more people in office who emulate Dan Burton’s agenda to represent “we the people” and be our representation to the Federal Government instead of representing the Federal Government to us.

Submitted by Sheila DeVries, Annapolis
I fully support Dan Burton in his efforts to save the Navy SEALs.  Being the parent of active duty soldiers, I can assure you it is not easy to live through a deployment to battle area: but in the past I always had the confidence and solace that the military would do their best to keep them safe.  Now I’m not so sure.  Are we fighting a war or being politically correct?

Submitted by Audie C. Gates, Argos
I support those who believe in the Traditional Family morals, values, and ethics which made this country great, & can save it from the brink of the Abyss, where we are standing at today.  An old preacher I once knew said “Seek ye after the Gold Old Way and when ye find it, walk therin!”  Bless you, Dan!

Submitted by Devin Demotte, Junction City
Your speech on the news cast about the navy seals has inspired me that you are the man for the job.  You obviously care about this county and will strive to make it better.  Thank you Dan for everything you are doing for the military and country.