Job Creation

Creating jobs is a top priority.  Too many Hoosiers find themselves out of work and over taxed.  Good jobs are created by businesses being free from over-regulation and needless taxes - not by massive government bailout programs.  Private-sector jobs is what this economy needs - and that can only be achieved by cutting taxes for those opening and operating businesses.
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Securing Our Borders and Stopping Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration imposes great burdens on our local, state and federal governments, which are already stretched to the limits of their budgets.  Illegal aliens drive up their education, health care, and welfare costs.

Unless we secure our borders, it will be impossible to stop illegal immigration.  We need to add border patrol agents, inspectors, build the border fence, and stop the job magnet businesses create by illegally hiring immigrants.
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Eliminating Wasteful Government Spending

Congressman Burton believes government exists to serve the interests of its citizens - not the other way around.  The best government is the smallest government required to deliver basic services to its citizens.  Increasing the size of government in trying economic times is not the solutions to our economic crisis.
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Reducing Taxes

Reducing the Tax Burden on Hardworking Americans is the best way to get our country out of our economic troubles is to cut taxes for Americans. 

Every year the Tax Foundation helps Americans celebrate Tax Freedom Day.  This is the day that American taxpayers are "freed" from the cost of government.  In 2007, according to the Tax Foundation, Americans will work 120 days a year just to pay their tax burden required to operate our government.
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Becoming Energy Independent

Energy dependence on foreign oil is hurting our nation.  Congressman Burton has a plan to reduce America's reliance on foreign oil.  This plan involves drilling on home soil and utilizing other energy resources such as wind and nuclear energy.
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End Pork Barrel Spending

In the past few years, pork barrel spending has skyrocketed to unacceptable levels.  Congressman Burton has signed a pledge against pork barrel spending to initiate its end.
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Winning the Global War on Terrorism

Congressman Burton believes that only through strength do we have an opportunity to win the War on Terrorism.  Our strategy from the beginning has been to oppose not only the terrorists, but also those who support them.

This policy of peace through strength must be continued.
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There have been more than 40 million abortions since 1973, when the practice was legalized by the U.S. Supreme Court.  Congressman Burton believes that life begins at conception, and that abortion is wrong.  Adoption is a far better alternative.
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Standing Up for the Second Amendment

The founders of our county were serious when they created the Bill of Rights, the second right being the right to bear arms.  Congressman Burton strongly believes in protecting the right to bear arms as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.
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Traditional Marriage

Congressman Burton believes marriage is a sacred institution and should not be redefined by the federal government.  Traditional family structures are the foundation of our society and must not be changed.

In 2008, Congressman Burton was awarded the True Blue Award presented by the Family Research Council for a 100% voting record on behalf of American families.
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