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April 22, 2020
Indiana Right to Life enthusiastically endorses Dan Burton

April 20, 2020
Burton honors world's oldest person (she lives in Shelbyville)

April 12, 2020
US Chamber awards Dan Burton the Spirit of Enterprise Award

April 11, 2020
Dan Burton dubbed "Taxpayer's Best Friend" by National Taxpayer's Union

April 10, 2020
Dan Burton, Mike Pence warn against precipitous pullout of Iraq
Dan Burton uses hearing to warn against pullout

April 9, 2020
Dan Burton on illegal immigration

April 1, 2020
Dan Burton's assistance helps disabled in Kokomo


March 31, 2020
Focus on the Family Declares Dan Burton a "Pro-Life Hero of the 110th Congress"

March 23, 2020
Howard County Republican Party endorses Dan Burton

March 22, 2020
Dan Burton speaks about energy security at Fishers Chamber of Commerce

March 19, 2020

Dan Burton visits Bona Vista in Kokomo

March 16, 2020
Anti-hunger activist writes about Dan Burton

March 2008
Dan Burton in Reader's Digest:  The Exonerated
Reader's Digest covers Dan's role in exonerating Joseph Silvati, who served 30 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

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