Say no to pork barrel spending

Ending Pork Barrel Spending

Dan Burton is protecting your tax dollars.

In 2008, Congressman Burton was one of only 39 members in the House to sign a “No Pork Barrel Spending Pledge.”  The pledge defines Pork Barrel Spending (also known as earmarks) as:

The practice by which members of congress divert taxpayer funding to special projects outside of the normal competitive and merit-based review process.

Burton said he took the pledge because, “Someone needs to set an example for both Republicans and Democrats about how to respect tax payer dollars.  The ‘pork factory’ in Congress is a disgrace, and I’ve made it my mission to fix it.” 

Pork Barrel spending has been skyrocketing in recent years as Congress let spending get out of control.

Dan Burton says NO MORE.

As the Fiscal Year 2009 Appropriations process continues in Congress, Dan Burton has stayed true to his word. Not a single penny of pork can be attributed to his name.
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